E Summit

Every year E-Cell, IIM Calcutta organises The Entrepreneurship Summit, famously known as E-Summit. It is one of the biggest entrepreneurship events in eastern India. The event brings together startup founders, industrialists, VCs, angel investors, famous personalities from different domains, faculty and students to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.


In the past editions, the event has hosted some of the renowned personalities like K. Ganesh -  Serial entrepreneur, Ajit Balakrishnan - Chairman of Rediff.com, Sanjeev Bikhchandani - Founder and CEO of Naukri.com, Kunal Shah - Founder and CEO of Freecharge.com and more.many

IIM Calcutta E Cell , 9th International E Summit

The event is packed with many activities revolving around entrepreneurship, startups, innovation and the like. Many renowned personalities talk about their experiences, challenges and learnings from life. Startup founders share their experiences of starting up and provide useful insights to startup enthusiasts. VCs and angel investors talk about their expectations from the startups who are looking for funding. In short, the event has everything a budding entrepreneur can ask for !!


Every year, we also include some elements to make this event more engaging for the participants. Last year we developed an ‘Idea Village’ where we invited entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative products, prototypes, demonstrations etc . This not only enhanced everyone’s knowledge about what’s happening in the startup world but also provided an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to share their inventions and get feedback. We also organised “ The Grill” where the participants got an opportunity to submit an idea in 100 words. Top 10 ideas were given an opportunity to present on the spot before a panel of investors. The event ended with grandeur and style with over 500 sky lanterns sent in the sky. After a moment, the sky was lit with hundreds of sky lanterns. It was a visual delight !!