Live Projects


We would like to invite organisations ( be it startups or established ones, for-profit or not-for profit or any kind of venture) to come up with live project opportunities for IIMC students. Every year, students look forward to working on projects from companies and gain insights about the corporate world. Students can bring in fresh perspectives to the business problems, and companies can leverage this opportunity to choose from the large talented pool on campus.

If you are interested in floating a live project for IIMC students, follow the following template:



ORGANIZATION NAME: Tell the name of your organization.

INTRODUCTION ABOUT ORGANIZATION: Give a brief introduction about your organization. What is it that your organization does? Any special thing about your organization? Also, it is recommended that you make this section very attractive so that more students apply for the live project, like you can share any media/press recognition, awards, testimonials, market reach, funding ( in case of startups ), important associations, online/geographical presence, no. of customers, links to website/facebook/twitter/blog etc.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Project can be from diverse domains- Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Product Management, IT systems, etc. This section should have a Project Title. It should be followed by the description such that students get a fair amount of understanding of what is expected of them. Bullet points are preferred. More in-depth details can be shared later once you select the final students for the Live Project.

PROJECT DURATION: It can be a maximum of 2 months. Ideally, shorter the duration, better it is for students as well as the organization. We have most of the Live Projects for a duration of 4-5 weeks.

PROJECT STAFFING: You can choose any of the 2 options:

  • Students working individually

  • Students working in teams of 2-5 persons


SELECTION PROCESS: You need to tell us the selection criteria. You can choose any of the 3 options :

  • Shortlisting based on CVs (We send you the CVs of all the students who apply and then you share the shortlist with us)

  • Shortlisting based on Personal Interviews (We send you the contact details of all the students who apply and then you share the shortlist with us)

  • Shortlisting based on CVs and then final selection based on Personal Interviews (We send you the CVs of all the students who apply; you share with us primary shortlist; we send you contact details of the primary shortlist and finally you take their Personal Interviews and share the final shortlist with us)

You must share the shortlist with us and we will announce the final shortlist on our internal portal. After that, you can connect with the selected students and take the project forward.

OFFER BY THE ORGANIZATION: What is it that the students get after the completion of the Live Project?

  • Stipend (Optional)

  • Duly signed Live Project Completion Certificate ( Mandatory )



Mail the project details in the above format to and we will get back to you.

Feel free to contact us via mail/call for any clarifications. You can call at +91-8336947109 (Preyas Chandak)